Packing paper bags

We offer packing paper bags used in case of high requirements on ecology, hygienic packing and also packing of industrial products. They are suitable for filling with loose materials of low humidity, for example sugar, flour, seeds, mortar mixtures, charcoal…

Standardly made of paper 100 g/m2. Besides sizes we have in stock, custom production is possible.

Possibility of design

  • Options of size carrier paper bags
    • width 120 mm – 350 mm
    • length 300 mm – 700 mm
    • width of bottom  80 mm – 200 mm
  • Possibility of colour print from 10, 000 pcs
  • Possibility of 8 -colour  print
  • Upper layer is made of brown or bleached kraft paper
  • In one or two layers

Basic assortment

  • 260x150x350 paper 100 g/m2 one-layer
  • 260x150x550 paper 100 g/m2 one-layer