Paper bags

We offer paper bags used in case of high requirements on ecology, hygienic packing and also packing of industrial products. They are suitable for filling with loose substrates or materials of low humidity, for example mortar mixtures, seeds, sugar, flour, loose colors, etc..

Possible designs:

  • Options of size paper bags
    • width 30 cm – 65 cm
    • length 60 cm – 120 cm
  • Possibility of 8- colour  print
  • Upper layer of wrap is made of  brown or bleached paper
  • It is possible to get inserted polyethylen foil
  • Used up to 50 kg weight
  • In two or more layers (N=layer)
  • Type of design
    • OL – open bags
    • VL- valve bags

Basic assortment

  • OL 40x60x2N
  • OL 45x75x2N
  • OL 65x120x2N
  • OL 40x60x3N
  • OL 45x75x3N
  • OL 50x80x3N
  • OL 50x90x3N
  • OL 55x80x3N
  • OL 55x110x3N
  • OL 65x110x3N
  • OL 65x120x3N